Lisa Hill was born in Ontario, Canada, and moved with her family to San Diego at the age of six. Hill’s early curiosity and observations of the world around her led to a lifelong career in painting. Lisa Hill received her degrees in Fine Art and Secondary Art Education from the University of California, Irvine in 1972, and it was there that she was introduced to the world of conceptual art. UC Irvine was the center of creativity and experimentation in the 70′s, where actively working artists taught art classes. Hill studied under Peter Alexander, John Paul Jones, Craig Kaufman, Moira Roth and Barbara Rose, and several other renowned contemporary artists.

Hill’s personal journey led her to painting representational and commercial art for over thirty years. Today, having come full circle, she is now applying her skills conceptually as seen in a recent surrealistic series. Her friend and mentor, contemporary artist Lauren Carrera, helped her push the limits with new abstract ideas.

Hill mostly uses acrylics because of the flexibility of this medium, often using mixed media such as oils, pastels, ink and watercolor along with acrylics. Using successive layers of paint, she is able to achieve the complexity integral to her paintings.

Hill has exhibited in several solo and group exhibitions and has completed a number of public murals in San Diego. She has sold hundreds of paintings over the years, to art collectors in the United States and abroad.



La Jolla, Ca.


Union Bank, La Jolla  *  La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club  * Rady Children's Hospital, San Diego  * Penninsula Bank  *  Colonial Hotel, La Jolla  *  Willis Allen Real Estate, La Jolla  *  Mr. and Mrs. Michael Murphy  *   Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Nelson  *  Mr. and Mrs. Dean Spanos  *  Park Place on Harbor Drive Exhibition, San Diego  *  Crest Road Exhibition, Del Mar.  *  Girard Avenue Collection  *  Rancho Santa Fe Library (solo exhibition)  *  La Jolla Library (one solo and two group shows)    *   Mr. and Mrs. Steven Warfield  *  Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Navarra  *  Mr. and Mrs. John Bucher  *  Mr. and Mrs. George Adams  *  Mr. and Mrs. David Casey  *  Mr. and Mrs. David Armstrong  *  Mr. and Mrs. Robert Zurschmiede  *  Mr. and Mrs. James Jameson  *  Dr. and Mrs. Craig Swenson     Mr. and Mrs. Scott Rogers  *  Mr. And Mrs. John Hawkins   *    Cindy Engles  *  Mr. and Mrs. Andy Nelson  *  Torrey Pines Cafe


Illustrator and graphic artist for 15 years
Rady Children’s Hospital, San Diego (several murals)
Artists Gallery, La Jolla, CA (two solo exhibitions and several group exhibitions)
Art Alive, San Diego Museum of Art (1993)
La Jolla Festival of the Arts (three years)
La Jolla Art & Wine Festival (2013)
Secret Garden Tour (four years)        

 Xanadu Gallery
Willis Allen Real Estate Company, (four paintings)
Girard Avenue Collection (solo exhibition)
La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club (mural and painting),  and art in rooms
Las Patronas (mural designer, three years)
Voices for Children (group exhibition)
St. Germaine Child Abuse Foundation (group exhibition)